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  • Why do I need to take the Masterclass?
    The Masterclass is necessary to be 100% sure that we are bringing experts into our global projects. Throughout the program, Fabiana gets to know each of the candidates, see how you complete required assignments and help you with tips to improve your skills. We cannot bring on board completely unfamiliar people whose skills and knowledge we are not aware of. It would be irresponsible, as someone may appear one way through the messages but completely different in person. The Runway Masterclass provides a strong foundation and you would be able to achieve incredible skills working as a worldwide makeup artist around the world!
  • Is working backstage a paid opportunity?
    It is common for many backstage workers to be volunteers and often the case during fashion weeks but on my team, I try to compensate everyone with generous sponsorship gifts (usual value 100 - 400) whenever I have the chance through my sponsors. Any session work or assisting opportunities are paid. I will always make note of paid opportunities while hiring or you can ask me. Also, once you successfully complete the Runway Masterclass and the backstage experience you will be invited to join my Core Team and during the first year I will cover your travel expenses. After that you will receive a daily rate as well!
  • Why there is a Fee for the Masterclass?
    There are costs associated for space, time, the book you will get, supplies etc when providing the opportunity for potential team members to join the Team. Fees are determined per season to offset those costs. This also deters those that are not serious from applying and wasting our time. Fabiana will share all her knowledge acquired in years of hard work in this lead industry, no secrets left!
  • If I make it into the Team, am I required to participate in all the locations?
    No, the choice is always yours to join in multiple cities but it is expected that you are participating at the Fashion Week city of your assigned team. Every season I will send an invite to the team members offering the available spots on that team. There is no guarantee there will be an invite but if so, that team member can then choose to participate in the additional city or cities mentioned.
  • Are the Shows Official?
    All our shows are part of the Official Fashion Week Calendar and designers are recognized by the CDFA. All of my work backstage are official recognized runways, designers, and or studios. From time ti time I also support emergent designers I personally know which are up to the official standards and the shows are same level of the official ones.. I do not work with companies that charge backstage workers to participate.
  • How do I join the Fashion Week Team?
    You can secure your spot in the Team by following those steps: - Send your portfolio at - If selected, plan a call with the Team Lead. - Choose your desired location and sign the contract. - Pack your baggage and get ready to start the best journey of your life!
  • Is the Masterclass required every season?
    NO. Masterlasse is not necessary every season. Once accepted on the Team and all goes well backstage, you will be invited back for future seasons and my private luxury brands throughout the year.. Further classes will only be necessary when advancing into a different role on the Team.
  • When is Fashion week?
    Fashion Week is a global event that happens twice a year: mid February and again in mid September. Each season starts in New York and continues in sequence through London, Milan, Paris, Dubai.
  • What happens once I make it into the Team?
    Once completing successfully the Runway Masterclass and joining the Team, you will be invited each season via email to join the Fashion Weeks or other events if needed in New York, London, Milan, Paris, Dubai, Miami and various other country locations as needed.
  • Is there a charge to work backstage at Fashion Week Shows?
    NO! An official NYFW backstage team or runway WILL NEVER ASK YOU TO PAY TO WORK. It's common for many backstage workers to be volunteers and often the case but Fashion Week does not allow charging backstage people to work. Many of you have shared these stories with me and it's heartbreaking that there are people out there exploiting our passion!
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