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Fabiana Graziani is an Italian Makeup artist who lives between New York City and Miami.

Born in Brazil and raised in Italy, she came across different cultures and experiences in her life. Beauty and Fashion has always been a very important part of her culture and lifestyle by living in Italy.

At the very early stages of her career she had the opportunity to work at NY Fashion Week, where she gained the trust and respect of the biggest designers and PR companies in New York City.

Roberto Cavalli, Braschi from Milan, Oh Polly from UK, Eisen Stein from Israele, The riviere agency from NY to name few. In 2017 she founded her Team, thanks to the big success of her work all around the world. Today, she works at Fashion Week in NY, London, Milan, Paris, Miami Swim week, NY Bridal week, Dubai Fashion week, Cannes Film Festival. Her work has been published in the major Magazines, such as Vogue USA, Italia, Russia, China, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and many more. Fabiana is a Fashion Runway high profile Makeup Artist for sure.

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